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Who are we?

PortfolioPage was created by Jay Marriner in 2022 as a way of enabling students, graduates and professionals to create modern portfolio webpages without having to learn to code or spend countless hours on design. Opposed to other website builder sites; we wanted PortfolioPage to be completely ad-free and membership free instead opting for a donation based system to keep the website running. Along with this we are also planning to open source large parts of our code; allowing anyone to take the source code and (with modifications) upload it to their own webserver with a custom domain name.


The only way PortfolioPage can continue to exist is by receiving donations. We plan on never using ads or memberships to fund the site so we rely heavily on the generosity of users. If you would like to help fund our website you can do so below:
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Legal & Terms of use

Coming soon, website currently under development. For now please do not enter any personal information into the website. Any information entered into the website will be stored securely and will not be shared with any 3rd party. Your information will only be used for functionality on the webiste. No session or cookies are used on this website currently. These terms are subject to change, please refer to this section for future updates.